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West Tisbury

A Rural Destination

West Tisbury, 34 square miles of primarily rural space, can be considered Vineyard Haven’s nature-loving cousin. Originally part of Tisbury, the town broke off in 1892 from the more populated mother township, and took on the role of the agricultural center of the island

Home to many farms, beaches and State Forest area, West Tisbury is quiet town that maintains a pastoral atmosphere while still having a strong sense of community.

A Day at the Beach

In tune with the natural setting of the town, the beaches in West Tisbury are some of the most tranquil and serene on the island. Long Point is a beach run by the Trustees of the Reservation and is open to the public for a small parking fee. As soon as the parking lot is full, however, the beach is closed, so get there early to enjoy the pristine surf and maybe spot a seal.

Lambert’s Cove and Seth’s Pond are additional beaches in the area, but are only open to summer or year round residents, an added bonus for those looking to buy in the area.

Green Space

Many acres of protected forest area are located in West Tisbury, with one noted spot being the Cedar Tree Neck Nature Preserve, where you can hike around unspoiled woods and freshwater ponds. The Polly Hill Arboretum is another prime spot for tree huggers and tourists alike. With over 200 tree species, this conservation center is the perfect spot for a picnic.

A Country Town

Although farms, trees and beaches are abundant, West Tisbury features a quaint downtown center with charming attractions. The famous Alley’s General Store is truly a “dealer in almost everything,” the delicious 7A restaurant where breakfast is always spectacular, and across the way you’ll enjoy wandering through the whimsical field gallery.

The historic Grange Hall is the spot to be on weekends, where you can pick up unique goods and delicious, fresh food at the local farmer and artisan’s markets. West Tisbury is also the site of the Martha’s Vineyard Agricultural Society, where the August fair takes place, an exciting event you won’t want to miss.

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