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The Arctic Tern Project: For Passionate Sailors & DIY’ers, a Blog You Can’t Miss

Posted by David Lott on August 21, 2009
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Four years ago I got caught up in a boat building saga that continues to this day. Called The Arctic Tern Project, it chronicles Peter Gron of Gabriola Island, BC, Canada's odyssey which began in the autumn of 2004 when he built a boat shed and started building the 23' sloop Arctic Tern. 

ShedThe newly completed boat shed: ready for the work to begin.

The Arctic Tern is of composite construction using the "Stitch-and-Glue" technique and was designed by Sam Devlin of Olympia Washington.

Taking shape
Already taking shape in 2004

Since then I have been faithfully tuning in at the start of each month for the latest report on his project. Peter has persisted through cuts and bruises, missteps and miss-cuts, winter and summer to where he can now see the finish line.

WinterNeither snow nor sleet…..

Many of the photos of the gleaming varnish, bright brass and fine lines are a real pleasure to see.

At workPeter at work this year.

If you are interested in do-it-yourself boat building, I highly recommend taking a look and guarantee that you will be quickly hooked. Many thanks to Peter for allowing me to reproduce some of his photos here.

PlanningCareful planning every step of the way.

HatchForward hatch looking perfect.

TodayIn July 2010, the beauty of the boat shines through.

To see where Peter is on the project today, see the Epilogue> click here.

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